Red, golden, black, purple.  Sweet and tart, juicy, perfect fresh or frozen.  As-is or in a jam, jelly, sauce or dessert.  You can't go wrong.  Although we did initially.  We have it figured out now, and each summer produce 10 quarts of raspberries each day in the height of the growing season.


We grow summer-bearing and ever-bearing varieties - 4 varieties of red raspberries and 1 variety of blackberry.  These thrive on our farm, producing from early spring to late fall, even after a frost.  


We use the land we have wisely.  We have animals that produce fertilizer we use to compost with, and amend our soil for the raspberry plants to thrive.  We have a great, sunlit plot of land that allows us to plant full rows of raspberry plants in neat, easy to access rows; for picking, pruning, weeding and amending the soil.  


The result?  Sweet, delicious, melt-in-your mouth fruit.  If you can, come taste for yourself.  If not, enjoy the summer's progress in the pictures below.


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