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Teeswater? What's a Teeswater?

Ronan, our Teeswater ram

In consideration of our fiber goals, we have been very fortunate to obtain a registered Teeswater ram from Pitchfork Ranch in Michigan. He came to us as a lamb earlier this summer & has settled in well, although he did have an altercation with a porcupine

Named Ronan, our hope is that when bred this fall to our core group of ewes , the offsring's fiber will be lustrous, long & silky. Teeswater locks are truly beautiful .

The Teeswater is an old breed & is upbred in this country as none can be imported at this time. Pitchfork Ranch has an upbreeding program in place that is producing some quality registered Teeswaters.

Look for Ronan's locks at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival & the New England Fiber Festival this year.

Our new ram Ronan, Wind Ridge Farm

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