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​Wind Ridge Farm began when we moved to Ashburnham.  It began casually, as a non-commercial or hobby farm, chores squished in between day jobs and very active kids.  With the kids gone, we have more time to dedicate to our farm. defines farm as "a tract of land, usually with a house, barn, silo, etc., on which crops and often livestock are raised for livelihood."  We consider our "farm" to be a source of hard work, joy, and pride.  We have achieved a comfortable level of sustainability and have enjoyed much personal growth through our interactions with both our land and animals.  Welcome to our farm. 

Looking to improve your flock?  Wind Ridge Farm is offering 3 of it's sheep for sale.  
Email us to find out more.  


Bluefaced Leicester Ram

Improve your fiber flock with some Bluefaced Leicester !   Our Registered Bluefaced Leicester ram,Liam, has been a great asset in our breeding program.  He has given us some beautiful BFL lambs & crosses. We need to introduce some new bloodlines. 



Teeswater Ram

Improve your flock with our very handsome,Registered Teeswater Ram, Cecil, will be available November 20,2023. He has been used with our flock in our breeding program for 3 years & we need to bring in new bloodlines. He has given us many wonderful Teeswater & Teeswater cross lambs. 


Ewe Lamb
75% Teeswater x
25% Corriedale

This Lovely ewe lamb is a 75% Teeswater X 25% Corriedale.  She has an outstanding fleece .  She is very sweet  & growing well . She is available to add to your flock for $250.




​Wind Ridge Farm's fleeces took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair this year!!  Here is your opportunity to grow your own fiber flock.

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