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Nancy and Tom are not just farmers, they are land stewards, shepherds, mechanics, and artists.  They have a firm understanding and belief in the cycle of life, whether it is a lamb, a raspberry bush, their children or themselves.  They plan, nurture, adjust, and commit to raising healthy, happy animals, and fresh, juicy and nutritious produce.   



The first lamb born at Wind Ridge Farm is Murray.  The whole family helped with the birth and immediate care.


In addition to his sweet character, we knew his white, lustrous wool would be perfect for our venture.  He became one of our favorites and a standard-bearer of our wool.

Murray also became part of our flock of sheep that keep us busy all four seasons.  Summer is the most interesting - moving the sheep from paddock to paddock to graze on fresh pasture has led to many adventures - most involving some high-speed activity and the out-witting of the flock.





Our first raspberry bushes were a bust.  Not a great location, the soil was too sandy, and the light was too full.  


Good thing we learn fast.  The next year, a raspberry bush relocation project to a more suitable plot of land yielded fruit the first year.  Lots of fruit.  One line of the relocated bushes produced 2 gallons of berries in just 2 weeks of the growing season!

Wind Ridge Farm - sheep & lamb

Our flock includes purebred Romney, and Wensleydale, Cormo, and Border Leicester crosses.  Read more about our wool here.




Lambs are born in March and April, and are available in early summer.  Read about our lambs for fiber and stock here.




Our spring lambs are pasture-raised until they are ready for market.  Read more about our market lambs here.


We started planting raspberry bushes in 2013, experimenting with the two different varieties - summer-bearers and ever-bearers.  We prepared the soil, plotted out space on our farm that we felt had good sun and drainage, as well as good protection, and planted.  And waited.  And watched.  

We have learned much about farming in general, and growing raspberries in particular since 2013.  We learn from our land, our plants, fellow farmers.  And we have been fortunate to produce fruit that is amazing.  


Come see what the raspberries at Wind Ridge Farm are like. Read more here.   

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