Our Sheep

Great wool starts with great nutrition.  Our sheep enjoy grazing on pasture, high-quality hay, and grain.  These sheep are hardy and healthy.  Their care involves daily handling.  We know the personalities and wool types of each individual sheep.    a;fljsfgjks'k


Our Flock

Our flock includes purebred Romneys, as well as Teeswater, Bluefaced Leicester and Border Leicester Crosses.  We blend our wool through cross-breeding - right on the sheep - and not at a mill.  


Our focus on Teeswater sheep, a breed that traces back to the Romans, enhances our fiber's luster, length and strength.  


Our Fiber

Our sheep are sheared every 8-12 months.  The fleeces are white or natural colored.  


The wool is long and lustrous - an outcome of selective breeding.  The shine, softness and strength of the wool make this a hand-spinner's delight. 


The fiber is processed at Battenkill Fiber, Greenwich, NY, to ensure the highest quality product.  


Once it is processed, it is ready for you.  We can ship it to you, or come visit us at our farm.  We are members of a collaborative, and you can find our product at the Fitzwilliams Fiber Farms booth  at VT, NH, or MA fiber festivals as well as the New England Fiber Fest(with our sheep) & Wayland Fiber Markets


Find our Fiber

Our fiber is available at the Fiber Loft, Harvard, Mass. For direct shipping inquiries, email us here, or complete the Contact form here.   



Sheep of the month:  

Murray is a wether, first born at our farm.  He is a gentle giant, and often keeps our young lambs company after they are weaned. 


His wool is a favorite among hand-spinners, and he has many repeat customers.  

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