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2021 Lambing Season Begins

Lambing season has officially begun with my sweet Nora and her ewe lamb. She is a week old now and thriving. Yesterday, Nora and her lamb joined the rest of the flock and have settled in well.


Sunday morning, Nora’s daughter Bo-ann greeted me at the barn door with her twin boys. She is such a good mom that when I fed the rest of the flock breakfast, she would not come out to eat, and chose to stay in the barn with her lambs. I gently carried the boys, one under each arm, to one of the lambing pens while Bo-ann followed.

They will stay there for a few days hopefully join the flock this weekend. Bo-ann is very protective of them and will stomp her feet and look threatening if anyone besides me, her shepherd, enters the barn.

The recent 12” of snow we received last week and the heavy rain today are not appreciated. The girls would much rather be out in the sunshine than hunkered down in a straw-filled barn.


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