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Update on the Lamb Weaning 2022

It has been one week since the lambs were weaned. They have become more curious about their surroundings & me. Initially, they wanted nothing to do with me & would not come near (except for the bottle baby). They have been enjoying their pasture, hay & especially grain.

They have begun to realize that it is I who bring them grain & hay! I seem to have become more approachable & they hang around now while I bring their food.

This evening they all came to the gate & stood waiting, a milestone. When I entered their pasture, I squatted down & just waited with the grain bucket. Some of the lambs even came & ate out of the bucket & when I filled their feeders, allowed me to briefly touch their backs.

I will build on this daily.

Email Nancy for more information on acquiring one of the 2022 lambs.


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