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Lamb Weaning 2022 - SUCCESS

Wind Ridge Farm had a record-breaking number of lambs this year--17!! One set of triplets & seven sets of twins & today they were weaned.

Success revolves around the plan. This year my husband was home & volunteered to help. He parked the trailer across from the flock. I prepared the dewormer & the vaccinations & had the hoof trimmers ready. The plan worked perfectly. I caught the lambs one by one. My husband lowered the fencing as I carried the lamb over it. I then checked the ear tag number, the sex, & overall condition while my husband recorded this information.

Each lamb had their feet trimmed, dewormer & vaccination administered. We then placed the lamb in the trailer. They are all so different--some just tolerate these indignities, some just melt in your arms, & others want none of it.

Once all the lambs were on the trailer we drove them back to the barn & turned them out into the pasture area where they first stayed after being born.

The lambs were handled daily after birth until they joined the flock. Now I will be able to handle them regularly. They will learn to come to & follow me for grain & to being handled on a regular basis. It can be a very rewarding time.

Email Nancy for more information on acquiring one of the 2022 lambs.


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