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The 2020 Lambs have Arrived

Wind Ridge Farm - Ram Rhody

My focus in the last few years has been with the Teeswater sheep, and ancient breed from Teesdale, England.

I have gained such an appreciation for these sheep & the crosses they product. I find them to be calm, great mothers and produce wonderful fiber. The lambs that my registered Teeswater ram, Rhody has produced are outstanding.

This season, Rhody & the ewes have produces twelve lambs!! 5 sets of twins & 2 singles. The lambs are learning to play with each other, enjoy climbing on rocks & racing around & the fiber that they are already growing is Fabulous--so soft & silky, & the ringlets......

I am offering a registered Teeswater ram lamb for sale this year as well as the wonderful crosses.

I will enjoy them and their antics over the next several weeks. I hope to put them on pasture as soon as the weather improves & grass grows.

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