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Sinead has been with me for a number of years. She is super smart and the leader of my flock. She is a wonderful mom and unusually good with all of the lambs. She has had several sets of twins and this year, bred to a Blue Face Leicester ram “Liam” had a single baby – a black ewe that I will keep. This will be her last baby. I just have to choose a name for her…

Some Sinead history

I met Ann from Paradise Bay Farm in Hero, VT at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Fesivial. I fell in love with the fleeces she brought and arranged to purchase two ewes in the spring – one for myself and one for a friend.

In late spring the following year we set aside a date to get the lambs. Ann met me at the King Arthur Baking Co. in Vermont. Ann backed her truck up to my vehicle and the girls were transferred. And Sinead become a Wind Ridge Farm favorite.

Sinead's Fleece

Sinead has always produced a gorgeous fleece. I have so enjoyed spinning and knitting her fiber over the years, as have many others.

Currently her fleece is a large component of a woven blanket project I am working on with Battenkill Fibers. I can hardly wait for it to be completed – so exciting!

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