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The Rams behind the fleece!

I usually keep one ram at our farm for breeding purposes. He goes in with the ewes in November for a good 6 weeks & then moves back to his regular quarters that he shares with a wether for company.

I have had some very aggressive rams that have become a threat to me when I go in with the flock to feed, water, etc. When it is not breeding season, keeping them in a more controlled situation is safer for me.

This year I have 2 rams, born last spring. Liam is my registered Blueface Leicester. Cecil is the Registered Teeswater ram from Peach Tree Farm that was shared for breeding with Steeplechase Farm & ours.

The two rams reside here at Wind Ridge Farm currently. They were introduced on neutral territory after I had rubbed some Vicks on both of their noses & tails to "confuse them ". There was some sniffing & then they kept their distance & thought about things.

Since then they seem to get along very well - no aggression to each other, just an occasional push , which is normal sheep behavior.


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