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Sheep of the Month - Izzie

Izzie is 75% Wensleydale, 12.5 % Lincoln and 12.5% Icelandic. Several generations back a breeding occurred between a Lincoln ram and an Icelandic ewe. It may have been a mistake but the result 3 generations later is pretty nice. Her fiber makes a terrific lace weight yarn because of the silky Wensleydale and sheen and also has the strength of the Lincoln with a little softness and aura from the Icelandic. In appearance the spun yarn radiates warmth & a beautiful glow She's one of the best fibers we have. Her fiber requires some skill, at least intermediate.

We are anticipating the birth of Izzie's lamb (lambs). She was bred to a gorgeous Wensleydale ram last fall & is due anytime after mid April.


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