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2015 Lambing Season with a 2013 Recap

I wrote the following two years ago. We just completed the 2015 lambing season and every sentiment below still holds true. The anticipation, the stress, the care, the joy - all of these are present each lambing season. Read on, and see some photos of the 2015 lambs!

2013 Lambing is complete at our farm! After much waiting & worrying & lots of help & support from Don, Gretchen & Dr. Stillman, Caleigh finally delivered twin ewes (with assistance), and almost immediately after began to eat her grain ravenously this evening. Tom has been instrumental with the care two lambs. All are strong & healthy---one is being bottle fed. Each of our 6 ewes delivered twins. 8 are black, 4 are white. 4 are rams / 8 are ewes. We have 4rth generation Cormo x Romney with a touch of Borderleister & Wensleydale added as well as some beautiful Romney lambs. The quality of the fleeces is more evident each day.

Spring has definitely arrived!

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