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Ronan's locks

Locks of Ronan, teeswater

THESE are Ronan's absolutely gorgeous locks!

Come to the New England Fiber Festival this weekend and check them out for yourself.

This is what we have been planning for. His offspring's fiber will be lustrous, long & silky, just like Ronan's. Teeswater locks are truly beautiful .

Look for Ronan's locks at the New England Fiber Festival this year. Stop by the booth for a chance to win a piece of Ronan.

The festival is 11/4 9am-5pm and 11/5 9am-3pm.

Mallory Complex of the Big E.

1305 Memorial Ave. West Springfield, MA 01089

Here is a mug-shot reminder of how good-looking Ronan is:

Ronan Teeswater ram

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