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2021 Lamb Update

The 2021 lambs have all been born, successfully raised by their moms & are now weaned & doing well.

Their Moms are enjoying the good grass available this year & being back in their adult flock. Of course there was a lot of "crying" for 2 days, and everyone is adjusted now.

I find it so interesting watching the lambs, now turning their attention to me. They are nervous, but interested in me, though I have been part of their daily life since they have been born. We will be working on following the grain. They LOVE grain, I will fill a bucket & have them follow me around their pasture before feeding it to them. This tactic will teach them to readily follow me to a new pasture or to the barn. I consider this an important skill.

They are all growing well & most seem to have their dad, Liam's face & fiber characteristic.

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