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2021 Lambing Season Ends

The 2021 lambing season ended on this rainy day with Edna delivering a nice solid ewe lamb. The ewes are all excellent mothers & the lambs are thriving. Edna is a wonderful Teeswater X Corriedale ewe, very friendly & easy to work with. The fiber from this cross is one of my favorites to spin. Edna was present at the 2019 Fiber Festival in the Fitzwilliam Fiber Farms booth.

The behavior of the new mothers is so interesting. My 3 year old grandson spends time here and the sheep see him on a regular basis. Ordinarily he is welcomed. However, since they are new mothers, they will stamp their feet at him & place themselves between him & their lamb.

Several of the lambs have joined the flock with the mothers. They have a lot of fun meeting each other & racing around, particularly Bo-Ann’s twins.

I am hoping for this rain to end, the ground to dry and the grass to grow. Soon they will be out on pasture and enjoying spring grass.

Some years the lambs are very cooperative and will obediently follow their mothers. Other years, they have no clue & will go in different directions. I am not sure why this happens, and have learned to put up some portable fencing to guide them to the pasture they are going to. I am already wondering how smoothly it will go this year. I will keep you posted!

Bo-Anns twins like to hang together!


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