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BLANKETS are coming!!

Wind Ridge Farm - Ram Rhody

After much thought & consideration, I have decided to have woven blankets made. I have carefully selected fleeces from the flock for these functional works of art.

  1. Darby, our wonderful Romney ewe whose fleece seems to become more beautiful each year.

  2. Sinead, the leader, a Romney X Borderleicester. Both of these ewes have natural colored fleeces in shades of grey--gorgeous.

  3. For the contrasting color of white, Bo-an's fleece was chosen. She is a Teeswater X Romney.

The fleeces have been delivered to the Battenkill Fiber Milll where they will be processed into yarn and then woven into blankets.

I considered several designs and chose a diamond pattern to showcase the wool and stylishly keep you warm.

The yarn will be woven by a weaver that works closely with Battenkill into blankets measuring 52" X 72". It will take a few months before I receive the finished product--I am so excited!!

Stay tuned for updates on their progress. Email me ( if you are interested n reserving one of these wool blankets.


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