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Breeding Season 2020

Wind Ridge Farm - Ram Rhody

Breeding season is upon us. Much discussion & consideration goes into decisions about which ewes to breed & to whom.

The ewes must be in good condition &  not overweight. Good nutrition is a must.

The Teeswater gene pool is limited. This year with advice from the Yellow Farm & Peach Tree farm a ram lamb is being borrowed from Peach Tree Farm. He will be staying at Steeplechase Farm for a few weeks with my friend & mentor, Gretchen & her husband, Don.

My registered Teeswater ewes Matilda, Eva, & Cailin as well as my wonderful ewe, Morwena who has a high percentage of Teeswater in her background will all be visiting the ram at Steeplechase Farm while he is there.

In planning ahead for breeding arrangement for this fall , I reserved a Blue Face Leicester ram & named Him Liam. He will stay with the remaining ewes & should produce good sized lambs with beautiful fiber.

Collaboration & good planning benefits all of our farms.

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