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New Teeswater Lambs at Wind Ridge Farm

After much forethought & discussion, I have been fortunate to acquire Three Registered Teeswater lambs from Peartree Farm. I visited the farm earlier this spring --such beautiful Teeswater sheep. I selected the lambs as well as a 2 year old ewe, Princess Buttercup.

I returned to Peartree last week to collect them & bring them to their new home at Wind Ridge. Here is some information on these lambs plus one of our own.

Audrey, born at Wind Ridge farm this year, is amazing. She is growing well & has very nice conformation.

The new girls from Peartree Farm are settling into the routine here & are very friendly.

Spice is a quadruplet & was bottle raised by Holly Partridge along with her siblings. She is striking, with a heavily marked face. When I first met her she was laying beside some other lambs & immediately made & held eye contact with me--I took this as I sign that I should choose her ( or maybe she chose me). Her fleece has beautiful locks.

Ingrid is a twin with lovely conformation & an outstanding fleece. She is very pretty, & I feel that she will be very elegant ewe

Rita is a very special smaller lamb with a lot of personality. She is a bottle raised baby, very friendly & very vocal. Her fleece is lovely & she has an adorable dollup of curls for a forelock.

These girls will be outstanding ewes & should produce wonderful fleeces & excellent lambs in my breeding program. Watching them grow, develop their relationships with me & other flock members will be fascinating. The lambs will stay together as a group until after breeding season when they will join the adult ewes.

Audrey, Spice, Rita, Ingrid

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