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When are the lambs are coming?!

My grandson helped me put shavings & then straw in the lambing pens in preparation for the lambs – we are ready. But where are the lambs?

The shearer was here 2 weeks ago and sheered 9 ewes. Once their fleeces were removed, we determined that not all were pregnant.

Several ewes’ fleeces were not long enough to shear and will be done early summer. This makes it harder for me to monitor for pregnancy & to determine when they are about to deliver.

Marta, a Blue Faced Leicester ewe looks like she could deliver soon – she is a first time mom & I am watching her closely. The cooler weather & rain forecasted are not my favorite to lamb in. If I sense a birth is imminent, I may place a ewe in the lambing pen before delivering. If the lamb is delivered in the sheep barn outdoors, I carry it to the lambing pen and the mom follows closely.

Moms and babies remain together in the pen for 3-4 days to bond & get a good start on nursing.

I have 6-8 ewes that are pregnant. Usually the lambing season is spread over a few weeks. I HOPE that this slow start does not mean that they will all be born on the same day!


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